Paint Her Back to Life

tori amos weatherman

In 2014, Tori Amos released an incredible collection of new songs titled ‘Unrepentant Geraldines’. For the third single, ‘Weatherman’, Tori connected with her fans through social media, asking us to post 14 second clips on Instagram so that she could use them to create an evolving music video. The result was posted at and is really special. While I was on a recent photo shoot, I felt inspired to create my own full length video for the song ‘Weatherman’.

Luisa by the Sea

Cloaked in Echo

It was the day after meeting Tori herself at the Sydney Opera House and I was bubbling with inspiration after a brief, yet empowering conversation with her. My good friend Rob Mulally had invited me along to a photo shoot in Little Bay, Sydney, with the gorgeous Luisa from Germany. When we reached our location, I was immediately taken aback by the power of the land and the sea colliding. The energy was ferocious. Suddenly a song that was performed by Tori the night before came to me – ‘Maybe California’.

Luisa by the Sea

Only Nature Knows

In ‘Maybe California’, Tori is talking someone off a ledge, pleading with her not to throw her life away, for if she does, her family will never get over it in their lifetime and their wishes will be dashed across those rocks. This lead me to think about ‘Weatherman’. I had this feeling that maybe they were linked.

Paint Her Back To Life

Can You Paint Her Back To Life

In ‘Weatherman’, we find that he has lost his bride and she lies with the land. He is not a weatherman, but he knows the seasons and where to find her in nature. From the breeze that lifts lilac blossoms into the air, to Winter’s velvet coat or Spring’s palette of colour – he sees her and he wishes he could use nature’s energy to paint her back to life with every season’s tone.

Luisa by the Sea

They Watched A Thousand Dawns

Maybe Mrs C (from ‘Maybe California’) gave up that day and didn’t come back from the ledge. Maybe she is the weatherman’s bride who lies with the land. Maybe not, but the beauty of Tori’s music is that she evokes such images and stories and we can follow every line and curve to wherever we want it to lead us. I pictured this spot to be where the Weatherman and his bride watched a thousand dawns and it is here that nature is so powerful, that she might be painted back to life.

One More Look From Her Eyes

One More Look From Her Eyes

Here is my video for ‘Weatherman’ from the album ‘Unrepentant Geraldines’, filmed and edited entirely on my iPhone. Be sure to choose the 1080HD settings on the clip.

I made this video with love and respect for the song and for Tori. It is purely to be creative and to appreciate the music. I hope I am not stepping on anyone’s toes – I’m sure the powers that be will let me know if I am..

Tori Amos Meet and Greet

Meeting Tori Amos in Sydney

If you like the video or the photos or have feedback, feel free to leave comments for me. If you’d like to be creative and join me on my next photo/video shoot (as I have a lot planned and need help!), please let me know – especially if you’re in South East Queensland, Sydney or LA.

A big thank you to Luisa and Rob.

Also, to all the friends I made on the Unrepentant Geraldines Tour (and the tours before actually), thank you for your encouragement, positivity and your friendship. This is for you.


Oh and as a Posse Bonus.. here is my 14 second entry for the #ToriWeatherman project.


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