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I am Matthew Taylor (Thomas). When I was 19, I decided to backpack around South Africa for three months, discovering that the world that existed beyond my borders was wild, wonderful and also humbling. This life changing experience made me hungry for more worldly adventures so I moved to the Middle East and took to the skies, becoming a long haul flight attendant. This has allowed me to see a big chunk of the world – 56 countries and 157 cities so far! I have a LOT of tales to tell from along the way 😉

10 years later, I have returned home to Brisbane, Australia, but I am still bouncing around the world and always hunting for that next life changing experience.

I know what you’re thinking… another bloody blogger! Ugh that’s all we need! I know I know, but this is more of a scrap book for me. Stick around 🙂

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Reiseexperte mit Leib und Seele


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