After a week cruising through incredible Alaska, it was time to head back to Vancouver. I had desperately wanted to see orcas in the wild while on this trip and even after all the amazing experiences I had through the week, I was still feeling a little incomplete with no sightings. On my last day of the cruise, I spent the entire day on the bow with eyes peeled for orcas. In the meantime, I created this time-lapse of my day on deck as we cruised through the calm waters of the Inside Passage from Alaska back into British Columbia.  Read More

Cruise, Holland America, Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA

I’ve just returned home from a trip of a lifetime – a cruise around southern Alaska – and before I take you through the entire trip in depth, I thought I’d share a teaser from Glacier Bay. Armed with my new camera (Sony A7R) and the inbuilt time-lapse app, I managed to brave the cold out on the deck of my cruise ship to capture my morning in the bay. Here is my first attempt at a time-lapse. Read More

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To celebrate the production of my first coffee table photo book titled “Touching Freedom”, featuring 16 of my own images, I’d like to give one away for free! Now it’s no secret that a certain amount of touching up goes into an image, in fact I really like the creative process of taking something raw from the field and producing a piece of art. My example is a quick mobile hyper edit so not necessarily a Picasso ha! I am interested to see how other people edit images, so I want you to edit one of my RAW images for a chance to win a copy of my book. Get the details here.  Read More

Exploring Canada, Banff National Park

Before I take off and return to Canada next week, I thought I’d put together an Insta-Journey of my Road Trip across Western Canada last year. It had been on my list for many years so the time had come to finally make my way to Canada and wow, I was blown away! Such incredible beauty to be found in the west and everywhere I went, my jaw was dropped in awe. I was still figuring out my camera at the time so I am really looking forward to returning now that my skills have advanced. Join me on my road trip from Calgary to Vancouver and all the awesomeness in between. Here are 10 Essential Stops along the way.  Read More

Top Ten Beaches, Seychelles

As a flight attendant, the most common question I am asked each flight is “What is your favourite destination?” Well there are many incredible places in this world, but I always instinctively respond with some of my favourite beach destinations. So after traveling around the world for over ten years, I have created a list of my favourite beaches that have taken my breath away. Some of them you will find on the standard top ten lists and others might surprise you. It wasn’t easy to rank them as they are all magical in their own unique way, but here is my pick for the ‘Top Ten Beaches in the World‘ after the jump.  Read More

Remarkable Cave Port Arthur Historic Site Tasmania

Even though I wanted to ‘wing it’ during my week In Tasmania and book things on the go, I had a rough idea of what I wanted to see or at least expected to see. Cradle Mountain was not on my itinerary (saving that for next time) but I had figured that most of Tasmania would have that same feel of lush forests and peaceful lakes. I was completely blown away by these unexpectedly magical spots along my journey through the east coast. Here are 6 Unexpected Surprises that made me fall head over heels in love with Tasmania.
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Astrophotography, Astrophotography Tutorial, Night Photography

On a recent trip to Tasmania, I managed to take my first photographs of the night sky and Milky Way and a lot of my friends have asked me how to do take such photos. Actually it’s not as difficult as it seems! Here is a quick checklist for how to Shoot for the Stars.  Read More

Instagram photography realness

Love it or hate it, Instagram is here to stay and only going to get bigger. It is becoming the new tool of choice for marketing and advertising as Facebook has become too controlled and is on the way out. I personally use it to post images of my travels and also fun experimentation such as light painting or steel wool photography. Here is a little insight to my time on the ‘gram.  Read More

Veruca Salt Tour

I have just had a dream come true – seeing Veruca Salt live and in concert! Wow I don’t know where to start. Words won’t do.

Spoiler Alert!! Planning on seeing an upcoming Veruca Salt show? My advice: Don’t Read this and go to the show with out any expectations except that you’re going to be blown away! 

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Earlier in the year, I took a day trip across to Moreton Island which is the world’s second largest sand island and sits off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland. Here is a list of the must do’s for a great day trip to the Island.  Read More


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