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Gold Coast Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island was a one of our family holiday destinations while I was growing up, so when I was invited to come along to a ‘Photo Walk’ hosted by Gold Coast Tourism with Lauren Bath and gold Coast Adventures, I jumped at the chance. Here is a look back at some images collected from the day.

Top Ten Beaches, Seychelles

As a flight attendant, the most common question I am asked each flight is “What is your favourite destination?” Well there are many incredible places in this world, but I always instinctively respond with some of my favourite beach destinations. So after traveling around the world for over ten years, I have created a list of my favourite beaches that have taken my breath away. Some of them you will find on the… Read More

Earlier in the year, I took a day trip across to Moreton Island which is the world’s second largest sand island and sits off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland. Here is a list of the must do’s for a great day trip to the Island. 


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